Richard T. Bowser

Richard T. Bowser

Associate Professor of Law

Professor Bowser has been recognized as an outstanding and demanding member of the faculty. The students have on three separate occasions voted him “Professor of the Year.” On two other occasions, he has received the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Additionally, in September 2009, the students honored his service to them and to the school him by naming the law school’s client counseling competition for him.

He has taught in and written upon a rather wide range of topics including constitutional law, legal philosophy, wills and trusts and estate planning. He is a co-author of the treatise, Wiggins’ Wills and Administration of Estates in North Carolina. He is also particularly interested in exploring the theological and jurisprudential intersections between law and the Reformed Christian theological tradition.

Professor Bowser is a graduate of Campbell Law School (summa cum laude), a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary (magna cum laude) and a graduate of Grove City College (magna cum laude).